High-Performance Elastomer

Rubberatkins’ high-­performance perfluoro (FFKM) elastomers enable customers to realize sealing solutions not previously possible with other traditional FFKM elastomers. This advance is made possible by unique compounding techniques used to stretch the boundaries of these elastomers in often hostile chemical environments and extreme temperatures. Because of the nature of perfluoro elastomers, their mechanical properties are low at elevated temperatures. However, the Rubberatkins’ Vermanite perfluoro elastomers have been engineered for improved performance and longevity at challenging downhole conditions. Vermanite is one of Rubberatkins’ many materials specifically compounded for extreme downhole applications. Sealing solutions for high-expansion, ultrahigh-­temperature (650°F) geothermal application and extreme sour-gas environments are just a few applications where Vermanite has been used successfully. Products molded from Vermanite include O-rings, T-seals, V-seals, packing elements, and expandable seals. In addition to the performance and longevity aspects of Vermanite, Rubberatkins has been able to bond these inert materials successfully to various substrates.

A high-performance stack from Rubberatkins made with Vermanite material.



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