Member Deaths

Jack A. Burke, Gun Barrel City, Texas, USA
Robert L. Burley, Houston, Texas, USA
George C. Calongne, Hemphill, Texas, USA
James M. Forgotson Jr., Norman, Oklahoma, USA
Markel B. Hudgins, Missouri City, Texas, USA
C.E. Jacobs, Houston, Texas, USA
Ronald Karl Kuhlemeier, Golden, Colorado, USA
Jack R. Nelson, Houston, Texas, USA
Alberto J. Noriega, Arroyo Grande, California, USA
Don R. Patterson, Jacksonville, Texas, USA
Earl E. Rossman Jr., Houston, Texas, USA
Paul E. Schauer Jr., Houston, Texas, USA
Kenneth R. Simpkins, Cypress, Texas, USA
Roger L. Smith, The Woodlands, Texas, USA
Stephen J. Vogel, Tulsa, Oklahoma, USA


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