Director's Blog

September 2020

Dear SPE Latin America and the Caribbean Family,

Cesar-PatinoDuring these last three years, I have worked closely with our region increasing communication while integrating our cultures, technical disciplines and development opinions. I have travelled from the Caribbean Islands to the Argentine Pampas, integrated by the Andes mountain ranges and our Atlantic and Pacific coasts to attend various events and be closer with our members while developing different activities for our members. Due to this togetherness, I was able to implement joint growth scenarios in Technology, Knowledge and Innovation which are aligned with the Values of Our SPE. This joint strategic framework included the Technical Needs of our hydrocarbon industry within a framework of demand in efficiency, optimization, energy transition, circular economy, sustainable development and growth. It was adjusted to adapt to the changes in our economies and evaluation of projects due to the new normal, from the end of 2017 to the end of 2020.

Today, we are a strengthened region, even more united and with important achievements in impacted Communities: 25,000 children benefiting from the Energy4me, more than 100 SPE Cares programs, 15 projects within the framework of the Sustainable Development Goals, GAIA, Diversity in Inclusion programs in 95% of the Sections and 80% of boards with women in leadership roles of the industry in their different strategic roles. Digitization immersed in our actions and today with the new normal of virtual meetings, the following actions were achieved: LACPEC & HSES worldwide conference, regional students technical meeting, Student Paper Contest, the Petrobowl championship platform (developed in LAC, and being used for the global competition), virtual talks, seminars and workshops. With technological lines in EOR, CO2, Gas & Water Management, Unconventional, Offshore, New Materials, R&D, Smart Field & Digital Transformation, and Reserves.

With all of this; we keep our Latin America and Caribbean affiliation and pride of the oil and gas industry as well as, support the care of our natural resources and a career on energy transition for a modern society like ours.

Thank you to Ecopetrol, the company for which I work, for understanding the value of volunteering and allowing me to integrate the lessons of leadership, teamwork, and vision of the future in each of the actions learned in the roles that I have taken filled both in parallel and jointly with SPE. Thank you for allowing me to demonstrate that excellent results can be delivered in the two roles that allowed me to be a great professional for our industry and our society.

I will always be at your service, my dear Latin America and Caribbean region.

César Patiño
2018-2020 SPE Regional Director
Latin America and the Caribbean