Enhance Your Skills

Upgrade Your Soft Skills

Soft skills, the primary vehicles for the application of technology and technical knowledge, are complex.  SPE offers its members a variety of webinars, sessions, papers and articles on the topic. Read more.


Contributing to PetroWiki is an ideal way for retired or unemployed members to stay engaged and demonstrate their expertise. PetroWiki was created from the seven volume Petroleum Engineering Handbook (PEH). SPE members update and expand content from the published version. Moderators ensure that the information found in PetroWiki is technically accurate.

SPE Competency Management Tool—Assess Readiness for a New Role

The SPE Competency Management Tool is a free online member benefit that allows you to assess your current professional capabilities against one of 41 key E&P job models. All personal data and results remain confidential.  Members will be able to use the self-assessment results to generate an Individual Development Plan to address competency gaps. Get started now.

Petroleum Engineering Certification

SPE's PE Certification program provides you with the opportunity to obtain an international credential recognizing your petroleum engineering knowledge. You may be exempt from the exam if you have previously passed a written examination to practice as a registered, licensed, chartered, or professional engineer. Currently, U.S. PE licenses from the 52 state/territory jurisdictions, certifications from Alberta, Canada, and certifications granted by Indonesian IATMI are approved for waiver. If qualified for a waiver, you may receive the SPE Credential by completing the application and paying the USD 250 application fee.

SPE League of Volunteers

Volunteering is a means of exhibiting your professional expertise and honing your skills while you’re in transition. View available opportunities.