Director's Blog

October 2019

Dear colleagues,

Faisal N. Al-NughaimishI would like to start this quarterly message by welcoming our new SPE president Shauna Noonan, who has taken office during the SPE Annual Technical Conference and Exhibition in Calgary. She has a vast experience in the oil and gas industry that expands to more than 25 years and I am looking forward to collaborating with her to keep “SPE Strong” in our region through five focus areas.

First, we are working on improving our publications content quality to maximise the technical value of each and every paper, study, seminar, and conference. In addition, explore and innovative new tools that will optimise the knowledge sharing experience. We will also be giving more attention to strengthening our core functions by focusing more in the areas of automation and digital science. With the recent rise in the unconventional resources, we will encourage our members to utilise our network to reach out to members in other areas that have more experience in drilling and producing unconventional reservoirs to smooth out the knowledge transfer into our region. Last but not least; memberships. SPE statistics have shown that our region has gained 5030 new members during 2019. Despite these encouraging numbers, I would like to take this opportunity to make sure we keep our focus on recruiting new members; in addition to reminding members to renew their membership as soon as possible.

Finally, I would like to thank you for the time and effort that each one of you spent in volunteering through different roles within SPE. Seeing your dedication is an inspiration to everyone within our Society.

Best regards,

Faisal N. Al-Nughaimish
SPE Regional Director
Middle East and North Africa