Halliburton Facilities, Business Lines Achieve API Q2 Registration in Angola

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Halliburton’s Angolan facilities, Luanda-SONILS base, which incorporates the Cabinda-Malembo base and Soyo-Kwanda base facilities, and all of the company’s product service lines in those locations have received the American Petroleum Institute (API) Specification Q2 Registration. The facilities are the first in Angola to receive this registration, an advanced industry quality standard for oil and natural gas service companies.

API Q2 is a risk-based quality management system (QMS) approach that focuses on competency, service design, contingency planning, supply chain controls, preventive maintenance, inspection, service quality plans and management of change. The registration demonstrates an organization’s commitment to exceed current generic quality management system standards.

“This registration is a testament to the commitment, teamwork and dedication of our Angolan employees to quality management and operational efficiency,” Jean Marc Lopez, managing director of Halliburton Angola and Congo region, said. “We are proud of this landmark achievement and will not waiver in our continued focus on safety and service quality.”

API Vice President of Global Industry Services Lisa Salley said, “API Spec Q2 is the first international quality management system standard for exploration and production providers servicing the oil and gas industry. This is a significant achievement and shows a company’s commitment to service and safety.” 

The industry-written specification applies to critical activities such as well construction, intervention, production, abandonment, well servicing, equipment repair and maintenance, and inspection activities, according to API. 

API Q2 was first published in December 2011. In July 2014, Halliburton was the first company to achieve this standard in the Gulf of Mexico for its Baroid drilling fluids.



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