Tail Gas Analyzer

AMETEK Process Instruments has introduced its third-generation H2S/SO2 tail gas analyzer with reliability advances for control of the Claus sulfur recovery process. The safety advantages of the Model 888 analyzer include double-block process isolation and a Web-enabled interface for remote data acquisition by Ethernet and Modbus. The instrument features the AMEVision color graphical user interface and smart diagnostics. The analyzer also is equipped with steam (hot condensate) blowback to remove ammonia salts and an anticlogging feature that is automatically initiated if plugging is detected. Since the Model 888 occupies the same footprint and uses the same process connection as its predecessor, the Model 880, the new unit may be substituted in less than a day. Its stainless steel housing is rated IP65/NEMA 4X for harsh outdoor operating conditions. A shelter cabinet or house is not required.

For more information, visit www.ametekpi.com


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