Floating Liquid Cover

The Hexa-Cover floating cover reduces oil- and gas-related volatile organic liquids evaporation as well as volatile organic compounds and hydrocarbon emissions. The cover consists of 8-in.-diameter hexagonal-shaped tiles placed within fixed-roof aboveground storage tanks to form a flexible, interlocking floating blanket. It has a 25-year life expectancy and allows the use of aeration to ensure the maintenance of aerobic conditions. Oil & Gas Duty Hexa-Covers are made of low-density DuPont Zytel 612 nylon resin which is chemically compatible with oil, bitumen, diluents, condensates, gasoline, refined products, organic chemicals and water. The Water Version Hexa-Cover R114 is specifically designed for use in frac water impoundments.

For more information, visit www.hexa-cover.dk


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