Produced and Flowback Water Treatment

Veolia’s ROSS technology treats upstream produced water to generate high-quality water suitable for reuse in steam flooding, water flooding, and fracturing operations. The process begins with the removal of scale formers with Multiflo, which uses draft tube mixing to assist in the formation and separation of crystalline solids. The solids are removed in a settling zone using lamella plates. Excess solids are intermittently purged from the Multiflow for dewatering and subsequent landfill disposal. The softened water and crystalline solids are processed through a ceramic membrane ultrafiltration technology, CeraMem. Operated in crossflow mode, the membranes remove free oil, suspended solids, and bacteria to low concentrations. The solids are continuously recycled to the crystallization tank of the Multiflo, providing seed for crystal growth. The treated water from the CeraMem process is neutralized and reused as fracturing water.

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