NDT Corrosion Detector

Applus RTD introduced a deepwater inspection tool for nonpiggable pipelines to be used with remotely operated vehicles (ROVs). The INCOTEST system, a nondestructive testing (NDT) method, was developed in partnership with Delta SubSea and uses pulsed eddy current technology to ensure reliable detection of surface and subsurface corrosion in subsea thin- and thick-walled pipelines. The tool allows operators to perform up to 10,000 measurements per day to depths of 3000 m. It is capable of measuring through marine growth and concrete to provide figures for the average wall thickness of each inspected area. The system has been demonstrated during operations in southeast Asia, Australia, and the North Sea in water depths of
up to 200 m. It has also been used to test the integrity of subsea infrastructure in Angola, where it provided reliable data measurements at depths of 1600 m. The system can be used on piping and vessels, offshore platforms, risers, and jacket construction piping, subsea piping, flow-accelerated corrosion in liquid systems, corrosion under the installation layer on distillation columns, and piping and vessels in process plants.

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