Coriolis Flowmeters

Emerson Process Management added the Micro Motion Elite CMFS sensor platform to its Coriolis flowmeters. The compact, drainable design delivers precise measurement to pipelines less than 2-in. diameter. Nine sensor sizes provide ±0.05% liquid flow mass and volume accuracy, ±0.25% gas accuracy, and ±0.0002 g/cc density accuracy for flow rates of 0.04 lb/min to
1,980 lb/min. The meters offer a turndown ratio of up to 30:1. They are available in stainless steel 316L and nickel alloy C22, rated to 6,000 psi, and can handle process temperatures from –240°C to 204°C. The devices are available with smart meter verification, which offers advanced diagnostics of meter health and performance, without removing the sensor from the line and without interrupting the process.

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