Pipeline Pig Tracking and Pressure Monitoring

TDW Offshore Services is offering its SmartTrack remote tracking and pressure-monitoring system for use in the marketplace. The proprietary technology previously was used exclusively by the company to carry out pipeline pressure isolation operations. As operators move into remote territories for new sources of oil and gas, remote-controlled systems to inspect the pipelines and to isolate pressure during repair operations are critical. The high frequencies required to track traditional pigs moving at high velocities shortened battery life, which reduced the ability to track and monitor pigs traveling at higher speeds or for longer periods, the company said. SmartTrack is based on electromagnetic technology, which uses extremely low frequency to create bidirectional, through-wall communication between transponders and transceivers. Transponders are mounted on the pig or inspection tool and given a unique identification code, which allows the location to be accurately determined. Transceivers are placed near or on the pipeline and receive the transmitted signals before relaying them to a user interface, such as a PC or handheld personal digital assistant. The system can be used with pipelines with a wall thickness of up to 50 mm. In subsea operations, transceivers can operate in water depths of 3000 m with a maximum cable length of 1200 m, and acoustic links can be established on transceivers contained within subsea skid packages. 

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