Gas Detector

Carthago International Solutions’ OptoAcoustic Gas Detectors provide continuous combustible gas leaks monitoring. The dual-cell instruments continuously monitor combustible gas leaks such as methane or propane, in the concentration range of 0% to 100% of the lower explosion limit, respectively, 0 to 20,000 ppm carbon monoxide. The detectors comprise two separate and identical cells that act interchangeably either as a primary gas measurement cell, or as a secondary compensation or reference cell. The secondary cell is also used as a redundancy measure. In the event of primary cell failure, the detector provides redundancy with an active sensing element plus a backup sensing element. The retrofit-compatible gas detector is factory calibrated and is fully operational once power is applied for 60 seconds. Embedded linearization and compensation algorithms maintain accurate output over the sensor measurement range throughout its lifetime with no calibration required.

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