Desalter Profiler

Thermo Scientific’s Nitus Profiler System provides a continuous, real-time snapshot of the density profile, including the oil, brine, and oil/water interface, inside of the desalter. It allows operators to control the density profile and optimize desalter operations. Desalters primarily remove inorganic salts from crude oil. If not removed completely, these can form corrosive acids at high temperatures farther downstream, causing serious damage to refining vessels and equipment. The noncontacting, nonintrusive Nitus system is capable of measuring density, level, or interface of highly viscous process materials using energy attenuation. The attenuation is a necessary component of gamma backscatter technology and enables both the source and the detector to be mounted externally on the same side of a vessel or pipe. Using energy in the form of Cesium 137, which is present in all metals, the gamma backscatter sensor does not need to be in contact with the process material, thus making it easier to use and maintain. The system includes a microprocessor-based computer that calculates the density for each section at a rate of up to four times per second.

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