Operational Performance and Predictive Risk Software

Petrotechnics launched Proscient, a software system that captures data as part of routine work processes, such as type of work, volume of work, interaction of work, and associated human factors. Common metrics can be established across operations to provide indicators of the operational risk associated with the work being performed. Organizations typically have corporate processes for process safety, occupational safety, and people management, with systems and data that provide indicators and close the assurance loop. However, when people interact with the plant daily for repair or maintenance, there are limited or no systems and often only paper-based processes. The company said the lack of feedback on performance leaves a gap in the assurance loop. Proscient embeds corporate, regional, and local policies and processes to ensure that they are consistently delivered in frontline practice, providing senior management with insight and oversight of operations. The system turns data captured as a part of routine working into operational intelligence for decision makers across the organization.

For more information, visit visit www.petrotechnics.com


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