Ethernet/IP Module for Meters

Emerson Process Management has introduced an Ethernet/IP module for Micro Motion Coriolis meters. Suitable for new or retrofit installations, the module is compatible with all Micro Motion flowmeters and is the only Coriolis Ethernet/IP solution for hazardous areas. Access to the multivariable data allows for fast process monitoring with control system access to parameters such as flow, density, and temperature. The company said the module is installed in less than 30 minutes and can be mounted in control cabinets, thereby eliminating the need to run Ethernet cabling out to the field. The module’s Web browser provides network access to a configuration and diagnostic interface, including assessment of Coriolis meter performance without stopping the process or interrupting the flow. The software provided enables the Micro Motion Coriolis flowmeter to be configured remotely via the plant network. The Ethernet/IP is an open, industry standard networking technology, supporting devices such as motor starters, sensors, controllers, and human/machine interface (HMI) devices. 

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