Alternative Fluid Heating in Hazardous Areas

Enviro Vault Canada’s ThermoVault using catalytic heaters mounted inside a recessed tank chamber, raises and maintains fluid temperatures in aboveground storage tanks. It is suited for use in hazardous areas such as light oil applications when fire tubes may not be allowed. The company said vault testing showed reductions in nitrous oxide and carbon monoxide while meeting the same heating requirements compared with conventional fire-tube burner assemblies. The ThermoVault design is based on the company’s Enviro Vault patented internal chamber, which improves environmental performance, safety, and operations by containing fluid spills from the tank’s inlet and outlet valves, and by providing a secure, freeze-protected area for ground-level access to valves and instruments. All valves, sample taps, electronic controls, and heater (if required) are mounted in the Enviro Vault, which can be fitted in any size or shape of a new tank or in-service tank for any specific application, such as heavy oil and light oil production tanks, produced water, potable water, asphalt tanks, separator packages, and rental tanks.

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