Integrated Approach to Sand Management in Mature-Field Operations

Topics: Sand management/control
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An integrated approach to sand management is crucial to address sanding risk in producers and injectors in a North Sea mature field. The concept incorporates the Lean Six Sigma approach and is developed with a major focus on the rehabilitation of mature fields, where each barrel of oil counts and uncertainty (both technical and economical) is an increasing challenge. High decline in productivity and increased operational challenges are common issues for mature fields.


The Siri asset comprises a series of marginal mature fields. They are located 220 km from the coast parallel to the northwestern edge of the Danish sector of the North Sea, with average water depth of 60 m. The relatively weak cemented fine- to very-fine-grained Paleogene sandstones from the Siri Canyon in the Danish North Sea are characterized by high content of glauconite, occasionally greater than 30%. The high glauconite content is a result of the sand being stored at the sediment-starved Stavanger platform before being shed into the North Sea by density and mass flows. After deposition, controlled by seafloor topography and pre-existing gullies, the sands experience remobilization in various degrees.

The reservoir quality is generally good, with high porosities and high permeability. The asset is currently under waterflooding secondary recovery, with the main objective being pressure support and displacement efficiency in respective parts of the reservoir. Multiple enhanced-oil-recovery projects are ongoing or under evaluation, such as simultaneous water and gas injection and huff ’n’ puff gas injection.

This article, written by JPT Technology Editor Chris Carpenter, contains highlights of paper SPE 174180, “Integrated Approach to Sand Management in Mature-Field Operations,” by M. Ruslan and P.Y. Lee, Dong Energy, prepared for the 2015 SPE European Formation Damage Conference, Budapest, Hungary, 3–5 June. The paper has not been peer reviewed.
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Integrated Approach to Sand Management in Mature-Field Operations

01 October 2015

Volume: 67 | Issue: 10