Accelerating the Uptake Cycle Through Collaboration, Outsourcing

Topics: Data and information management
Source: Darcy
A new look at the innovation cycle proposes operators identify a challenge and then hand off many of the subsequent vetting duties to an outside firm before deploying the technology in a test environment.

As a newcomer in the arena of oilfield market research, Houston-based Darcy Partners has set an ambitiously high bar for itself: to speed up the oil and gas industry’s widely acknowledged and painfully slow rate of technology adoption.

Founded in 2015, Darcy is trying to accomplish this by melding its in-depth research studies with a collaborative approach to consulting. The latter part of this strategy involves placing a group of promising young com­panies and their potential suitors into the same room where the free flow of ideas is encouraged.

The firm’s ultimate goal is to prove to oil and gas companies that technology validation becomes a much faster process when done collectively and openly compared with when it is all done internally.

“We are saying let’s do innovation more efficiently,” said Hossein Rokhsari, a partner at Darcy, adding, “which means outsourcing elements of the work that is required for technology development to a group like us, where we do the research, scouting, screening, and evaluation.”

The culmination of all that groundwork is quarterly technology forums that Darcy hosts and moderates. The com­pany has held two of these day-long events this year: one on advanced data analytics and another on new water management technologies for unconventional developments. Its upcoming forums will focus on unmanned aerial vehicles, completion optimization, cyber security, and another on advanced data analytics.



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Accelerating the Uptake Cycle Through Collaboration, Outsourcing

Trent Jacobs, JPT Senior Technology Writer

03 September 2016

Volume: 68 | Issue: 10