Volume: 5 | Issue: 5

From the Production and Facilities Technical Director

I am truly honored to serve on the SPE International Board of Directors as the Production and Facilities Technical Director.

As announced in the SPE website, the SPE Board of Directors has realigned the Production and Operations (P&O) and Projects, Facilities, and Construction (PFC) under one technical director. SPE members will not experience any changes to existing programs or resources. The P&O and PFC disciplines’ “identities” remain unaltered.  

I would like to thank my immediate predecessors; Jennifer Miskimins and Shauna Noonan (P&O) and Howard Duhon (PFC) for their work to raise the profile of both disciplines. Indeed, the SPE now provides many resources to our members including:


Technical Sections

Members from both the PFC and P&O disciplines are involved in three active technical sections that organize seminars, webinars, and workshops:

SPE Connect

This is an excellent tool to solicit advice, benefit from others’ experience, and participate in an ongoing conversation. Our members tend to be more involved in the following two discussion groups:

​Rather than have a director’s blog, I shall be writing a monthly column for Oil & Gas Facilities.  

This is a challenging time for our industry and for the SPE. With the help of the Advisory Committee, made of both P&O and PFC experienced members, my main objectives are:  

I look forward to serving you for the next 3 years as the technical director for Production and Facilities. If you have any suggestions of how best to serve our communities, please let me know.

Hisham Saadawi
SPE Technical Director, Production & Facilities

Email: ringstonepetroleum@hotmail.com