Technical Report Focuses on Offshore E&P Safety-Related Data


SPE released a new technical report last month, “Assessing the Processes, Tools, and Value of Sharing and Learning from Offshore E&P Safety-Related Data” (SPE-182847-TR).

The report was written by a steering committee of subject matter experts (SMEs) with industry input from an SPE summit held April 2016 in Houston as well as members from SPE online communities. The report is based on discussions and conclusions from the summit and is intended to provide guidance on an industry-wide safety management data sharing program. The overall objective of the effort is to: a) eliminate or reduce risk of harm through industry sharing of data; b) to generate information that builds knowledge, understanding, and ownership; and c) to disseminate recommended corrective actions to prevent a reoccurrence. It was approved by the SPE Board of Directors in September 2016.