New Technology in a Mature East Malaysian Field

Topics: Directional/extended reach wells Marginal/aging fields Reservoir simulation
Fig. 1: Performance features of the new-generation deep-reservoir-mapper tool.

The T Field, located offshore east Malaysia, is a mature oil field that began its development in the 1970s. Conceptual geological models generally illustrated this field as a retrogradational turbidite setting. It is commonly known that the turbidite channel has enormous geological complexity and, therefore, presents great challenges for successful horizontal-well placement. This paper describes the first job in southeast Asia in developing horizontal-well placement in a turbidite environment.


As of 15 years ago, T Field’s remaining oil deposits were present in the relatively thin turbidite channel complex on the steep-sloping flank of the field. Vertical and slanted wells were drilled to produce the targeted reserves, but post-drilling findings always showed inconsistency in sand existence and distribution because of lateral sand discontinuity.

Because of the limited infill reservoirs, high reservoir dip angle, and less-prolific productivity, drilling a highly deviated oil producer along the reservoir dip and steering along its productive layer in the oil leg are found to be the optimal drilling approach. However, high well-placement risks were assessed owing to uncertainties in lateral sand distribution, variable formation dip, and fluid contacts.

This article, written by JPT Technology Editor Chris Carpenter, contains highlights of paper SPE 176120, “Success Story: A New Development Concept Utilizing New Advanced Technology in a Very Old Complex Mature Field,” by K.F. Ng, T. Afandi, D. Sa’adon, J. Ja’afar, M.A. Omar, and N.A. Latiff, Petronas, and G.I. Santoso, K. Alang, I.D. Roberts, N. Murad, D. Permanasari, and F. Kutty, Schlumberger, prepared for the 2015 SPE Asia Pacific Oil and Gas Conference and Exhibition, Bali, Indonesia, 20–22 October. The paper has not been peer reviewed.
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New Technology in a Mature East Malaysian Field

22 December 2016

Volume: 69 | Issue: 1