Halliburton’s Chief Data Scientist Speaks on Analytics Projects That Are Solving Big Problems

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Pumps, bits, and drilling are among the areas the world’s second largest service company is working to improve through the use of big data analytics.

As big data analytics becomes more intertwined with the operations of some of the biggest names in upstream, this tech space is beginning to deliver the industry some compelling applications. The most recent developments were highlighted in a discussion led by Satyam Priyadarshy, Halliburton’s chief data scientist, who declared that big data analytics “will transform the industry.”

That transformation is to be realized by using analytics to identify and eliminate hidden inefficiencies. According to Priyadarshy, that means that solving known problems is not enough; to achieve a higher order of innovation, oil and gas companies must discover and answer problems they never knew about in the first place.

Speaking at the first SPE Data Analytics Study Group in Houston, Priyadarshy explained how Halliburton analyzed data from 5,000 wells and found that a specific pump model was suffering from an inordinate amount of downtime. Hidden within the data was the simple fact that the pump was not well-suited for one particular climate zone.

“Now we can actually predict that a certain pump, of a certain manufacturer, should never be sent out to a certain area,” said Priyadarshy, noting that the cost of the analytics platform has already been recovered by the revenue earned from keeping the pumps running longer.


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Halliburton’s Chief Data Scientist Speaks on Analytics Projects That Are Solving Big Problems

Trent Jacobs, JPT Senior Technology Writer

02 February 2017

Volume: 69 | Issue: 3