New JPT Website, Newsletter

Earlier this year, JPT debuted a new website. Unlike the previous rendition of the magazine’s website, which was only a replica of the print magazine, the new one contains up-to-date information on the latest upstream technology news, trends, and events as well as the full contents of each print issue ( And last month, JPT debuted a bimonthly e-newsletter, with links to the latest stories posted on the website.

It is important to note that JPT’s mission, and its monthly print magazine, will not change. We view this as a “value add” for members, who are now accustomed to receiving news and information in a variety of ways, from print to digital. Surveys of the SPE membership reveal that members highly value the monthly print edition of JPT and its contents but are also interested in receiving more digital offerings. These latest moves hope to satisfy both needs. The contents of the print JPT will remain the same, while the website will contain both the print magazine’s contents and additional stories not found in the print issue.

Since JPT was launched in 1949, it has sought to help achieve SPE’s mission of disseminating and exchanging the highest quality upstream technical information valuable to the oil and gas industry and to SPE members. The magazine has gone through several evolutions—from publishing only full-length technical papers to covering more than four dozen technical topics in depth through summaries of the best SPE papers and through staff-written feature articles. The current changes are just another step in this evolution

We hope you will take a look at the new website and, as always, we welcome your suggestions and comments.

SPE President and Board Nominations

The SPE Board of Directors met in late March to consider nominees for the Board of Directors and 2019 SPE President. The SPE Nominating Committee considers all nominations submitted, votes on a slate of directors, and recommends it for approval at the SPE Board’s March meeting. These nominees stand as elected unless a valid petition for ballot election is received by 1 June.

The names of the nominees will be published on the JPT website on 3 April. In addition, an article will be published in the May JPT print edition. Both articles will contain complete information on nominees’ backgrounds and qualifications, with additional details on the election process.

SPE is governed by a Board of Directors comprising 28 member representatives from around the world. Each SPE region and board-endorsed technical discipline is represented by a director. These directors, together with two at-large directors, a director of academia, the president, president-elect, immediate past president, and vice president of finance, constitute the Board.

New JPT Website, Newsletter

John Donnelly, JPT Editor

01 April 2017

Volume: 69 | Issue: 4