Saudi Arabia Says it Foiled Bombing Attempt on Aramco Fuel Distribution Terminal

Saudi forces have foiled an attempt to blow up an Aramco fuel terminal in southern Saudi Arabia using a high-speed boat laden with explosives, the interior ministry said on 26 April. The ministry accused Yemen’s Houthi group of being behind the attempt.

The ministry said in a statement that navy forces opened fire on the remote-controlled boat on 25 April after it was intercepted inside Saudi territorial waters some 1.5 nautical miles from its target.

There were no immediate reports of any injuries in the incident, which the statement said targeted an Aramco fuel terminal and distribution station in Jazan.

The statement accused the Iran-aligned Houthis of being behind the attempted attack, saying the group, which controls much of northern Yemen, was “threatening waterways and naval facilities using booby-trapped boats and naval mines.”

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