Profit Increase With New Subsea Boosting Products

Topics: Subsea systems

Emphasis on identifying more-efficient subsea boosting solutions has led to a number of initiatives in the industry. A new multiphase-pump technology has been developed that will expand the operation envelope for subsea boosting and create better opportunities for more-effective offshore-field development. A parallel, and equally important, advance has been the development of a new heavy-duty 6-MW subsea motor.


In 2011, a decision was made to abandon twin-screw technology because of the low sand-handling resistance and limited differential-pressure generation with multiphase fluids that these pumps had demonstrated during in-house testing. Thus, a development project was initiated.

Multiphase-Pump-Development Project

For this development project, the main target was to increase pump performance in the following ways:

Reaching these targets would require design of a new motor to operate at higher speeds at twice the power.

This article, written by JPT Technology Editor Chris Carpenter, contains highlights of paper OTC 27747, “Profit Increase With New Subsea Boosting Products,” by Åge Hofstad and Hans Christian Nilsen, Aker Solutions, prepared for the 2017 Offshore Technology Conference, Houston, 1–4 May. The paper has not been peer reviewed. Copyright 2017 Offshore Technology Conference. Reproduced by permission.
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Profit Increase With New Subsea Boosting Products

01 August 2017

Volume: 69 | Issue: 8