Petrofac Sells Stake in Pánuco Contract to Schlumberger

Topics: Asset/portfolio management
Soure: Petrofac

Petrofac sold its 50% interest in Petro-SPM Integrated Services SA de CV to Schlumberger. Petro-SPM operates the onshore Pánuco field Integrated Service Contract in Mexico. Schlumberger now owns 100% of Petro-SPM.

The total potential consideration is in line with the net book value of Petrofac’s interest and comprises cash on completion and deferred consideration. The deferred consideration comprises both a payment on migration from an Integrated Service Contract to a new contract form and a further share of post migration cash flows.

Rob Jewkes, Petrofac COO, Integrated Energy Services, said, “We are pleased to conclude this transaction, which is in line with our strategy and simplifies the ownership of the Pánuco field. We will continue to focus on the remaining production service contracts in our Mexican portfolio.

“We consider Mexico’s Energy Reform as a significant step in the evolution of the country’s oil and gas industry, and we are optimistic in regard to the various business opportunities created under the new reforms,” said Patrick Schorn, executive vice president, New Ventures, Schlumberger. “This transaction aligns with our well-established portfolio of production management projects and enables us to move forward with our plans to continue to develop the Pánuco field.”

Petrofac's 50% interest in Petro-SPM was held 0.01% through Petrofac Mexico SA de CV and 49.99% through Petrofac Netherlands Coöperatief UA.

This transaction was completed on 15 August.

Petrofac Sells Stake in Pánuco Contract to Schlumberger

22 August 2017