Event to Bring Innovators, Entrepreneurs, and Investors Together

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Building on the innovation momentum spurred by the oil and gas industry downturn, a 2-day event in Houston will bring investors, entrepreneurs, and innovators together to discuss trends and pitch ideas.

Panel sessions and workshops will focus on oil and gas industry challenges, strategic partnerships, digital technology applications, best practices in the design and innovation process, new innovative technologies, and exit strategies and sources of funding. The SPE GCS Innovation and Entrepreneurship Symposium will be held 21-22 March at the Marathon Oil Tower, 5555 San Felipe Street in Houston.

The event will conclude with a “shark tank” in which selected startups will present their companies and ideas to an experienced panel of oil and gas investors to get feedback and possibly initiate funding. This type of showcase has proved to be popular among a variety of industry sectors.

Speakers will include investors, innovators, entrepreneurs, as well as movers and shakers from operators, service companies, universities, and research organizations.”

While innovation was critical to protect companies’ wellbeing over the past couple of years, it is imperative to continue to challenge the status quo regardless of the oil price tomorrow, conference organizers said. This event is poised to nucleate oil and gas innovation and the entrepreneurship community in Houston and will cater to the oil and gas investors, entrepreneurs, and innovators within big corporations.

For more information and to register, please go to www.spegcs.org/IES.

Event to Bring Innovators, Entrepreneurs, and Investors Together

05 March 2018