Young Professionals and Academia: What’s Ahead?

Abhishek Anchliya, J. Shaun S. Toralde, Hui Pu, and Reza Rastegar, Editors,

Welcome to!, formerly called the Student Link section, has been refocused to make it more appealing to a broader TWA readership. This new section is dedicated to interesting and exciting topics related to training, education, and academia. Student Link concentrated on news about students and confined itself to the instruction function of the academe. Though students will continue to be one of the major focal points of, the new section will also feature other benefits that academe can offer industry, aside from producing graduates.

Over the past few decades, the field of petroleum engineering has undergone major changes. The evolution of technology as well as the increasing presence of computerized tools has revolutionized energy education. There is a pressing demand for young professionals (YPs) to acquire the necessary skill sets needed to ace their daily jobs and push the envelope further. We believe that academia has a big role to play here and we hope to better connect YPs to it.

The revamp of the section widens its coverage to the research, extension, and linkage functions of colleges and universities. It also expands its target audience to include those taking up post-graduate courses and others interested in topics concerning training and education of the conventional and nonconventional kinds. To reflect these changes, the section has been renamed We gave the name an Internet-related format to reflect the fact that the section, like education, is expanding its frontiers to the technologies of the digital age. It is our intention to provide our readers with coverage of this transformation as seen through the eyes of students and professors from all over the world.

With this change in focus, the section intends to provide more relevant and motivational material for young E&P professionals and university students on various subjects related to the academe, especially new developments in research. The section aims to act as a bridge between the academic sector, young E&P professionals, and university students. The driving force for the strategic shift of focus is the undeniable fact that today’s YPs and university students are continuously being called to meet the challenges to increase recovery and find new energy resources. Reaching out to YPs and students early through the section will assist in addressing this concern and will make the section more appealing to a broader TWA readership. will feature brief articles from renowned professors/experts in the field of petroleum engineering (upstream and downstream) about cutting-edge technologies, new developments in academia, and profiles of renowned professors from different geographical regions. The purpose of these articles is to support universities in building a talent pool for the petroleum industry through interesting topics targeted to YPs and students. The next generation of individuals needs to be engaged in developing new technologies to respond to an ever-increasing global demand for energy and to recover much more from existing fields.

We hope to see greater involvement fromYPs and university students in the continuing evolution of We hope you like this change to your TWA. We are hoping to receive feedback regarding the material featured in this new section as well as suggestions for its improvement. Feel free to write to us at

Change is in the air, are you ready to join the fray?