Long Life, TWA!

Giovanni Paccaloni, 2005 SPE President

When SPE’s TWA magazine came to life 10 years ago, most SPE members were unaware it was the end result of several years of preparatory work carried out by an international dynamic team of talented, passionate, and inspired young professionals. In line with SPE’s vision and mission, their ambition was to grant novel opportunities to accelerate learning and to boost young professionals’ personal and professional growth.

From that visionary team’s point of view, the availability of a global strategic communication channel such as TWA—providing visibility, sense of identity, open space for discussion, and extended learning opportunities—appeared a truly compelling choice. That sense of urgency was readily conveyed to and perceived by the SPE staff and board.

As mentors, we ensured trust, autonomy, and continued support—soliciting in exchange only excellence.

Over these 10 years, TWA has inspired the development of many young professional programs around the world. More than 110 young SPE professional members served on the editorial committee, wrote articles, interviewed top executives, sent comments and suggestions, provided news and photos of their local events and achievements; and many thousands of readers have benefited from the wisdom each story in each issue had to share—from industry leaders, top scientists, economists, and seasoned or young  professionals.

Today, with enormous pride and satisfaction, we notice copies of TWA on so many young professionals’ desks all over the world, confirming that the original idea was right and timely.

Congratulations on your anniversary: May you ever suffuse TWA with fresh energy, creativity, effort, and inspiration!