What's Ahead

Welcome to the New TWA Website!

Jarrett Dragani, Cenovus Energy

I would like to welcome all TWA readers to our new online format! As Editor-in-Chief of TWA, I am enthusiastic about the opportunities this new website will bring to our publication. As you may have seen by now, we are not the first SPE magazine to pursuit the online format. The SPE Board of Directors have mapped a clear direction for SPE publications, which involves a concerted effort from SPE staff and volunteers to improve the delivery of content to readers in a new online environment, and reduce publication costs while doing so. The Oil and Gas Facilities magazine was the first to transition to the online environment in July, and TWA follows similar suit. Going forward, this will mean no more TWA print magazines. All TWA content will be featured on our website and available to all internet users, not just SPE members. The updated and refreshed redesign of the website presents the articles in a web-friendly format and is made to be device-responsive. You can share the articles with others by clicking on the social media and email icons on top of each article.

In this website, you will find multiple ways in which you can search for new and old content. For the traditionalist reader, you can still browse articles by your favorite TWA sections—YPGT, TWA Interview, Pillars of Industry, just to name a few. You can also access content by topics—Business, SPE, Technology, Career Path, Career Advice, Learning and Mentoring, Gender and Diversity, and Non-Technical Skills. Or, you can choose to search by keywords and find a list of related articles. The idea is to make it easier for readers to access the articles.

The new design will allow TWA editors to deliver more content, more consistently throughout the calendar year and help reduce the overall publishing time. Our goal is to provide a continuous flow of relevant and interesting articles to the readers. Two new sections are also being added—Student Focus and TWA CrowdSourcing. Student Focus is an important section that we hope to fill with content relevant to the 60,000+ SPE student members spanning our globe. TWA CrowdSourcing will seek to share relevant articles and content (primarily career focused) from other publications.

TWA is produced by young members of SPE and you may be surprised to learn about the demographics of our more than 40 current editorial volunteers. They represent every continent in the world, with the exception of Antarctica. They share a variety of academic backgrounds, including engineering, geoscience, business, and communications, and work in every aspect of the industry, including E&P, services, EPC, finance, business consulting and more. Many work in remote areas such as offshore platforms and the boreal forest of the Canadian North, while others enjoy the comfort of an air-conditioned office or student study. I encourage you to read their bios in the Editorial Committee section.

It is no small feat taking a magazine such as TWA with several years of publishing history and transitioning it to the online world. Nonetheless, SPE has been able to deliver a new product that will improve the ability for all members to access pertinent career and technical information. I would also like to recognize the hard work put forth by the SPE staff to make this transition possible.

We welcome your feedback about the new website, and look forward to continuing our legacy in the virtual world! We can be reached at spethewayahead@gmail.com.

 Jarrett Dragani is the current Editor-in-Chief of TWA. He works as a reservoir engineer at Cenovus Energy in the New Resource Plays division based out of Calgary. Since joining Cenovus in 2011, he has worked in several technical roles across the company, including an 18-month field position in Christina Lake, Alberta, as part of the Major Projects team for the Phase E expansion project. He has worked in several properties at Cenovus in various subsurface capacities, including the Christina Lake Solvent Aided Process Pilot, the Narrows Lake Thermal Project, the Telephone Lake Thermal Project, and most recently the Grand Rapids SAGD Pilot. Dragani is passionate about engineering and volunteering. He is the coauthor of two SPE papers on thermal reservoir engineering and several articles in TWA on career development topics. In 2009, he cofounded the Alberta Student Energy Conference, which has since grown to become a success, seeking delegations of speakers and students from across the country. In 2010, he was the president of the SPE student chapter at the University of Calgary. He has been a member of various technical and engineering boards in the Calgary area, including the Canadian Association of Drilling Engineers, the Calgary Branch Executive Committee for the Association of Professional Engineers and Geoscientists of Alberta, the SPE Calgary Section, SPE Canadian Educational Foundation, and the SPE-CHOA Slugging It Out Conference Committee. Dragani has volunteered for TWA since 2012 in various editorial positions. He is passionate about the magazine and and enjoys working with the exceptional young professional volunteers who make TWA possible.