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3 Ways to Use MOOCs to Advance Your Career

Most people who sign up for a MOOC – a massive open online course – never finish it, often completing less than half of the work.  This fact is cited as an indictment of MOOCs and that people aren’t getting value from them.

But that isn’t necessarily the case.  There are several ways you can benefit from MOOCs, such as those offered through Coursera, edX or Udacity, even if you don’t complete all of the coursework and obtain a certificate. You can audit the course, watching all the videos, but skipping the assignments.  Or you can sample the course, watching on selected topics that are of interest or fill a skills gap for you.

It really depends on your objectives from taking the course and what you plan to do with what you’ve learned.  The author outlines various options and questions to help you decide what approach will benefit you.

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