Chemical-Looping Combustion: An Emerging Carbon-Capture Technology

Topics: Carbon capture and storage
Fig. 1—Spray-dry plant (left) and two-fluid nozzle configuration (right).

In chemical-looping combustion (CLC), oxygen is transferred from an air reactor to a fuel reactor by means of a solid oxygen carrier. Direct contact between air and fuel is avoided, resulting in an undiluted carbon dioxide (CO2) exhaust stream. As such, CLC has been identified recently as a high-potential carbon-capture-and-storage technology. While initial focus has been on storage projects, CO2 is increasingly considered as a valuable chemical substance for enhanced-oil-and-gas-recovery projects as well as for the production of chemicals, polymers, or building materials.


Carbon capture, transport, use, and storage (CCTUS) form an important aspect of many national and global strategies to combat climate change. A main challenge regarding capture of CO2, especially for high volumes, is its separation from other gases.

Three primary approaches are considered technologically feasible for CO2 capture at large point sources: post-combustion capture, precombustion capture, and oxy-fuel combustion. For each approach, various technological solutions have been developed, and small- and medium-scale evaluations have proved their feasibility. However, integrated operation on a commercial scale remains to be demonstrated.

This article, written by JPT Technology Editor Chris Carpenter, contains highlights of paper SPE 177561, “Chemical-Looping Combustion: An Emerging Carbon-Capture Technology,” by Frans Snijkers, Flemish Institute for Technological Research; Dazheng Jing, Chalmers University of Technology; Marijke Jacobs and Lidia Protasova, Flemish Institute for Technological Research; and Tobias Mattisson and Anders Lyngfelt, Chalmers University of Technology, prepared for the 2015 Abu Dhabi International Petroleum Exhibition and Conference, Abu Dhabi, 9–12 November. The paper has not been peer reviewed.
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Chemical-Looping Combustion: An Emerging Carbon-Capture Technology

01 July 2016

Volume: 68 | Issue: 7