The Netherlands: A Daylong Look at New Ventures

The SPE Netherlands Section Young Professionals workshop held 10 May was titled “New Ventures in the Maghreb—Renewed Interest in Northwest Africa” and was held in The Hague for an audience of 25 eager young professionals. The purpose was to educate young professionals in certain aspects of a rapidly developing hydrocarbon province and to get them familiar with the challenges accompanying a new venture. The day consisted of two parts—four morning presentations, and an afternoon with an interesting scenario called New Business Game.

The first presentation was given by Lucia van Geuns of the Clingendael Inst. for Intl. Relationships, who spoke on the global strategic setting of the Maghreb. The second presentation was by Ebbie Haan, General Manager, Shell E&P Algeria, on Shell’s re-entry into Algeria. Regional Geologist Pieter Spaak, also from Shell, gave the audience an intriguing look into the major petroleum systems of the Maghreb. Finally, Volko de Jong of the Delta Energy Inst. spoke about how human resources can help in setting up a new venture and how to deal with strongly differing cultures.

The New Business Game began in the fictional country of Alkana, where multinationals had to prepare and present a bid to a group of country representatives. This intellectual exercise was a great success because of the help of five senior industry professionals. This concluded a great and educational day for the young professionals in attendance.


Attendees of the workshop. (Above)

Jelle Boels, Shell Exploration Geologist