Inflatable Packer

Schlumberger introduced the ACTive Straddle coiled-tubing (CT) real-time multiset inflatable packer. The packer provides all functions needed to isolate and treat multiple zones on a single run without coming out of the well, which reduces intervention time and optimizes production. Conventional stimulation treatments of multizone reservoirs lack efficiency when targeted coverage is required, leading to lower production.  With the ACTive Straddle inflatable packer, customers now have a robust multiset system that provides precise fluid placement and proper depth control and ensures packer integrity during treatment using real-time measurements—all in a single intervention. The inflatable packer is conveyed with CT into vertical, deviated, or horizontal wellbores, eliminating expensive mobilizations and potential completion removals by enabling multiple treatments in a single intervention. The CT fiber-optic real-time telemetry provides downhole measurements to optimize fluid placement, ensure accurate depth control, monitor packer pressure during setting and unsetting, and enable precise flow-control and setting-tool manipulations. During field testing, more than 147 inflation and deflation multisetting procedures were performed. The ACTive Straddle inflatable packer was also field tested in more than six interventions in challenging onshore and offshore intervention conditions, including the Middle East and the North Sea.

The ACTive Straddle inflatable packer from Schlumberger provides a rugged, high-pressure seal at high inflation ratios with the added benefit of a reliable multiset mechanism.