Side-Pocket Mandrel

The Petroleum Technology Company (PTC) introduced a single-piece, unwelded side-pocket mandrel (SPM) for the upstream oil and gas industry, removing a decades-old integrity risk. The NexLift SPM is machined from a single solid steel bar—replacing aged SPM technology that traditionally comprised four components and entirely removing the challenges created by welding and heat treatment. The industry’s long experience of collapsed and parted mandrels prompted PTC to develop a solution that would be more robust, reducing the potential for nonproductive time on assets caused by failed mandrels. PTC’s in-house engineering and manufacturing design capabilities now allow for precision machining of internal geometries for single-piece mandrels that were previously impossible to create using conventional techniques. The NexLift SPM enhances the robustness of the completion string and is ideal for challenging well applications in which superior structural integrity and enhanced pressure capabilities are required. Eliminating the risk associated with a welded component brings the SPM to the same structural-integrity level as the other machined components in the string. It also brings the same standard of surface finish, vastly improving component alignment and facilitating improved quality control in completions.

The NexLift SPM from Petroleum Technology Company enhances the robustness of the completion string.