High-Temperature, High-Resistance Elastomer

Elevated temperatures can degrade the properties of conventional elastomers. Power sections that contain these traditional elastomers can be expected to deliver only 50% of their specified performance at 300°F and beyond. Dyna-Drill high-temperature, high-resistance (HT/HR) elastomers deliver 75–80% more power than standard nitrile rubber (NR) while achieving 15–20% more power than high-resistance NR at elevated temperatures. Furthermore, HT/HR elastomers reliably operate in temperatures up to 375°F. These elastomers offer increased dynamic fatigue and fluid resistance as well as excellent bond strength, outlasting conventional compounds in service life and withstanding the most-demanding applications. Rig-time savings result from the elimination of changeout necessitated by thermal breakdown. The new-generation elastomer was developed at the Dyna-Drill Advanced Elastomer Laboratory, which continuously studies the relationship between advanced elastomers and integrated power-section designs to produce technologically advanced and efficient downhole motor equipment.

Dyna-Drill’s HT/HR elastomers offer increased dynamic fatigue and fluid resistance.