Perforating Gun

The Kraken from The GasGun is a propellant-enhanced perforating gun designed to overcome the reservoir-damaging effects of conventional ­perforating-gun systems. The propellant boosters contained inside the Kraken are based on the progressively burning propellant technology used in the patented GasGun stimulation tools. Progressively burning propellants have been proved by independent research to be many times more effective in creating fractures. The Kraken perforates and stimulates the reservoir in one trip, creating multiple radial fractures extending 1 to 5 ft past the perforation tunnels with the use of Kraken propellant boosters. The gun removes skin and cleans up the wellbore damaged by perforators, drilling fines, cement, and mudcake. The Kraken prepares the well for hydraulic fracturing. Treating pressures are often dramatically reduced, flow rates improved, and the effects of tortuosity minimized. Acidizing effectiveness can also be improved by use of the Kraken. Kraken propellant boosters are compatible with most commercially available perforating charges. Big-hole charges are preferred for optimized performance. The gun features a standard shot density of 4 shots/ft. Customized shot density from 1 to 4 shots/ft is available upon request. Standard shot phasing is 60°; shot phasing can be customized upon request.