Casing- and Cement-Evaluation Service

Weatherford SecureView casing and cement evaluation is a combination of services that assess and monitor casing and cement condition on a single trip. SecureView service helps minimize nonproductive time and enhances data quality by delivering a complementary and independent set of measurements that facilitate log-quality control, confidence in data, efficiency, and a comprehensive analysis by the interpreter. The Ultraview ultrasonic radial-scanner tool uses a rotating ultrasonic transmitter/receiver sensor to scan the borehole and calculate casing and cement properties and an independent, newly patented, air-backed chamber that measures mud properties to compensate properly for fluid changes in the well. The CalView multisensor-caliper tool uses an array of 40 or 60 precision-calibrated independent mechanical arms to measure the casing inner diameter with high accuracy and resolution. The FluxView magnetic-flux leakage tool uses a powerful magnet to produce concentrated levels of magnetic flux in the casing wall, thus identifying inside- and outside-casing anomalies. The BondView cement-bond tool uses a shorter sonic transmitter/receiver arrangement, thus allowing better centralization to provide accurate variable density-log data used in the interpretation and analysis of casing-to-cement and cement-to-formation bond.

The components of Weatherford’s SecureView casing- and cement-evaluation system.