Friction Reducer

Building on the KemFlow A-4251 friction reducer for slickwater friction reduction (FR) in brine and the KemFlow A-4370 for FR in fresh water, Kemira has produced the KemFlow A-4375. Providing optimal performance across both fresh and brine-water systems, KemFlow A-4375 eliminates the inventory issues associated with storing multiple products in the warehouse and on location to cover the wide range of potential water sources that supply a fracturing job. The KemFlow A-4375 has applications across seasons, remaining pumpable at temperatures as low as –30°F and inverting at water temperatures of 40°F. The product remains stable at temperatures to 115°F with continued inversion at the surface and performance downhole. The product is compatible with biocides such as Kemira’s AMA 324 microbiocide for bacteria control and long-term preservation of well production, as well as a range of KemGuard scale and corrosion inhibitors for effective asset protection.

Kemira’s new KemFlow A-4375 is designed for use in both fresh- and brine systems.