Gap and Weighing System

PowerPad is the new ultrathin system from ThinJack for holding open gaps and weighing heavy objects. PowerPad is based on patented ThinJack technology that converts hydraulic pressure into significant forces that expand millimeter-scale thin steel membranes. These are inserted between flange sections requiring separation or in the cutting gap of concrete assets when used for gap holding, lifting, or weighing. The PowerPad variant of the ThinJack system is a safe method of holding open the cut gap that has been made in concrete structures during the cutting process. This protects the diamond-wire belts from becoming broken or trapped by the weight of the cut concrete pressing down on the wire. With the addition of specialist software, the PowerPad also can be used as an accurate weighing device, particularly useful in weighing structures of thousands of tonnes during decommissioning. ThinJack also offers a specialist consultancy service proactively identifying potential flange problems and providing solutions.

ThinJack’s PowerPad ultrathin system, designed for holding open gaps and weighing heavy objects.