Hardfacing Rods

Cutting & Wear’s SupaCutt range of hardfacing rods are used to hardface mills for cutting steel and other materials downhole. They are made up of crushed tungsten carbide in a brazing alloy. When deposited on a mill, the brazing alloy is melted, bonding the tungsten carbide fragments to the tool. This forms a coarse cutting structure able to cut through obstructions downhole. The industry standard crushing process generates poorly shaped fragments that can be flaky in character and from which the better-shaped fragments are then selected to be used in the manufacture of the rods. However, Cutting & Wear’s latest addition to the product line, SupaCutt Xtreme, uses a new fragmentation process that breaks steel-cutting grades of tungsten carbide into uniform fragments; these fragments present an excellent shape for cutting applications downhole. They have strong, sharp corners and, when laid, form a multitude of cutting faces, the majority developing neutral to negative rake-cutting angles. The cutting structure produces short cuttings that are circulated out of the hole easily. The fragments are regular in size, which ensures that laying an effective cutting structure is quicker and easier. The rods are slim to allow individual pieces to be melted off for precise construction of the cutting structure.

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