Inertial Navigation System

iXBlue has introduced ROVINS NANO, an inertial navigation system designed for remotely-operated-vehicle (ROV) navigation. Based on iXBlue’s fiber-optic gyroscope technology, ROVINS NANO has been designed for ROV pilots performing maintenance and construction operations. It offers the optimal stability and accuracy of the inertial position, generating true north, roll, pitch, and rotation rate. ROVINS NANO is able to directly transmit the ROV’s position with extreme accuracy thanks to its integrated algorithm capable of collecting acoustic data. This is now possible regardless of the depth at which it is located. Where the Doppler velocity log (DVL) has limitations, especially when operating in middle water, ROVINS NANO is now there to guarantee optimal navigation safety. iXBlue thus provides more flexibility to its customers: by avoiding the use of DVL, operators reduce their operational and associated calibration costs. Besides its high level of performance, ROVINS NANO’s compactness, lightness, and open architecture with all third-­party sensors make it easy to integrate. At a reasonable price point, the product offers better return on investment and lower total cost of ownership.

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