Integrated Drilling-Performance Solution

The Weatherford Drilling Advisor Solution combines predrilling historical well analysis, real-time dynamic modeling, and post-drilling knowledge management to deliver improved drilling performance and hazard avoidance. During the predrilling phase, advisors take a scientific approach to early prediction of well behavior by analyzing historical data. The advisors then determine the best-fit technologies, practices, and safe operational limits to create a robust drilling plan. During drilling ­operations, the advisors perform real-time dynamic modeling, which enables early prediction of well behavior and reduces nonproductive time. The Weatherford proprietary software platform enables integration across the drilling process to deliver drilling optimization, wellbore stability, and drilling-hazard avoidance. The post-drilling-knowledge-­management process captures the lessons learned in an end-of-well report that outlines key performance indicators, details opportunities for improvement, and makes recommendations for future projects. The Drilling Advisor Solution provides expertise that reduces uncertainty, improves safety and efficiency, and aligns with budgetary and production goals.

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