Intelligent-Monitoring System

Xodus Group’s intelligent-­monitoring capability provides tools for operations support to assist with asset surveillance. The capability provides new levels of visibility of operational data from subsurface, subsea, and topside instrumentation to all levels of an organization. It combines an asset’s data history with specialist engineering calculations to create intelligent process monitors and powerful visualization tools. The process monitors help operators to rapidly identify when systems are operating outside an optimal range, which may be governed by alarms or specified by a surveillance engineer. This allows operators to respond proactively to changes in system operation through predictive monitoring. Some of the tools already created include virtual meters to monitor drift in calibrated instrumentation, prediction and visibility of heat-exchanger fouling, compressor- and pump-performance monitoring, and subsea-production monitoring. Other tools include high-level overview and management dashboards, which are displayed permanently in client offices for personnel to view the current and recent health of the asset. The tools are created remotely and are seamlessly implemented online into the client’s system for immediate access to all users. These solutions are relatively low-cost, with short lead times and swift returns on investment.

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Xodus Group’s intelligent-monitoring capability provides new levels of visibility of operational data.