Wellhead Outlets for Low-Cost Operation

AnTech has introduced three new products within its Wellhead Outlet range. With the demand for more data and distributed measurements, there has been  growth in the use of fiber-optic cables for permanent monitoring. These solutions are only as good as the connections at surface, and AnTech’s Type FC outlet has been designed to meet this requirement. In order to meet a lower price point for customers, AnTech has reviewed materials and manufacturing processes to keep costs to a minimum. As a result, the new Type FC outlet incorporates a 3D printed smart system for handling and storing up to four fibers. AnTech has also launched two further electrical outlets, Types CB and CC. Each adaptation has been carefully designed to suit various working environments, including pressures ranging from 10,000 to 15,000 psi and temperatures from -60 to +160°C, while meeting tightening budget constraints. The three new wellhead outlets do not compromise on specification and provide customers with a solution in a challenging market.

For additional information, visit www.antech.co.uk.