Impurity-Removal Additive

BWA Water Additives introduced the Bellascavenger 70HS, a unique, ­patent-pending, polymer-based solution de-signed to help enhance the removal of hydrogen sulfide (H2S), mercaptan, and other impurities from hydrocarbon streams present in the vapor phase of oil and gas production. The mechanism of scale inhibition works through threshold inhibition and also by inhibiting crystal growth. This two-pronged approach delivers excellent scale control where commodity scale inhibitors fail. This product functions in the high-pH levels needed for removing H2S and mercaptan and aids in removing these unwanted items. Field trials show that use of Bellascavenger 70HS with triazine to remove H2S enhances the longevity of the chemical program in applications such as bubble towers. Bellascavenger 70HS reduces cost by at least 33%, reduces overall chemical consumption, and increases field safety.

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