Wireline-Retrievable Well Barrier

Baker Hughes’ CAPSTONE wireline-retrievable well barrier provides an economical solution for temporary wellbore isolation while minimizing nonproductive time (NPT) and ensuring smooth retrieval operations. The well barrier helps to ensure that the well has been isolated and the integrity of the wellbore is protected. Whether used for temporary suspension, well servicing, or surface-equipment repair, the barrier confirms total well control to enable safe operations and protect the environment. The well barrier offers field-­proven components, including an equalizing valve that uses a telescoping retrieving head to eliminate premature unsetting, and it features an advanced design for entry and retrieval operations, providing increased reliability and reduced NPT. The barrier is compatible with most industry-­standard tools, to enable flexibility and reduce operating costs. Recently, an operator’s North Sea team deployed two CAPSTONE barriers into the well, at 4,330 and 520 ft, respectively. The barriers reliably isolated the wellbore, providing a gas-tight barrier to enable safe workover operations. The shallow-set barrier was retrieved after only 4 days without any issues. After the operator realized the need to cut and pull the casing as part of their workover, the deep-set barrier was later pulled out of hole with the tubing.

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The CAPSTONE well barrier from Baker Hughes, designed to minimize NPT and ensure smooth retrieval operations.