Sparkless Pump

For years crews have worked with electric pumps that spark and create ignition sources. To prevent explosions and well fires, crews used workarounds such as 50- or 100-ft-long high-pressure hoses to keep the ignition source far enough away from the wellsite to reduce the threat. Despite these measures, the pumps still have electrical remote controls that are necessary to operate the bolting equipment next to a well that might be leaking hydrocarbons. This has resulted in well fires, injuries, and even the loss of lives in the oil industry. Alltite’s new H2H Pump can easily be powered off a common service truck or an auxiliary power unit. This eliminates all ignition sources such as extension cords, remote switches, fuses, or circuit boards, and further renders electrical generators unnecessary. The H2H Pump can be located immediately next to the work area, which increases hydraulic wrench speed by allowing for the use of short, high-pressure twin-line hoses to connect the wrenches. The H2H is made of corrosion-resistant, nonsparking stainless steel and can be used in the harshest conditions.

The H2H sparkless pump from Alltite.