Hybrid High-Pressure/High-Temperature Gauge

Weatherford introduced its new xQuartzPT gauge that uses the latest hybrid and downhole communications technology plus comprehensive qualification testing. This gauge is rated significantly higher for continuous-operating temperature and achieves low drift and long-term stability in extreme wellbore environments. The unique gauge design has fewer electronic components, a reduced power draw, and a robust data-interface protocol for enhanced reliability and service life. Thus, the gauge can withstand severe combined stresses, including pressure, temperature, shock, and vibration. Its design mean time to failure is 25 years. These performance characteristics are an important consideration in high-pressure/high-temperature land and offshore wells, and particularly in deepwater plays. The gauge is the result of the company’s experience with both electronic and optical downhole gauges deployed in a wide variety of applications in thousands of wells around the world. The new gauge supports permanent monitoring applications in environments of up to 392°F and 25,000 psi while providing a high-pressure resolution of up to 0.006 psi at 1-second intervals.